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Vincent J. Colletti Custom Stringed Instruments
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From The Jazz Guitarists group: samfarkas@xxxxxxxxx wrote: "I just wanted to spread the word to the group about archtop maker Vinny Colletti, who hails from beautiful Oneonta, NY (his house, fittingly, is at the intersection of Spruce and Maple!). I met Vinny a couple of years ago and was immediately impressed with his instruments and with him. Vinny is a wonderful guy and he's building some killer axes. Vinny has several lovely instruments available for immediate delivery: a Classic, a Corleone, and a prototype Montreal. Plus, I've also got in my possession a Napoli demo model, which is a monster! If my finances permitted I would already own this ax, but right now it's up for sale at a major price reduction (a beautiful, all solid wood, handmade archtop in the 175 price range!!). B/T/W as soon as my pocketbook gives me the thumbs up I'll be having Vinny build me a guitar. Here's my disclaimer: I'm not associated with Vinny in any other way aside from being a friend and supporter. His instruments deserve to be in the hands of musicians. I'm simply trying to spread the word about him. I've got plenty of hands on experience playing them.”
10/2012 Welcome to the new site.
"Throw in the third annual Montreal Guitar Show, a gathering of luthiers showcasing their beautiful handmade wares - from Seattle's McElroy and Oneonta's Vinny Colletti to Pat Metheny's personal luthier Linda Manzer - and you had six-string nirvana happening north of the border." -  Jazz Times Magazine, 2007
“Vinny is the real deal old school archtop guitar builder of the first magnitude.”
From the Talk Bass Forum
5/2013 New Models! I’m very happy to announce that the new Volare Bass and an updated version of the Gypsy are available  The Volare Bass is a synthesis of everything I’ve learned about archtop guitar and classic stringed instrument design.  The Gypsy King is a hybrid of classic archtop and Django’s Selmer  Please check them out in the “Instrument” section for details
“ I love the sound. The larger body and very narrow “f” holes have created exactly the sound I had hoped for. The sound is softer, more compact and is reminiscent of the traditional John D. sound. - It’s absolutely amazing. It’s as if you went into my mind and viewed and duplicated my idea of the most beautiful jazz archtop guitar.” - Bill Morris on his 18” Corleone
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